How to Identify and Fill the Employee Skills Gap with Online Training

Short and Sweet...Online training lends itself to short bursts of training.

The Old Way
Many companies and training professionals subscribe to the idea that formal training should be instructor led and last hours and hoursActually, The Old Way of thinking doesnt always come from trainers or instructional designers but from C-level executives and VPs at companies that think of training as an afterthought and expect employee level training to resemble their experiences in higher education. However, as training continues to evolve and mature how best to deliver training to managers and employees has dramatically changed.

Small Bit Size Chunks
Short bursts of training utilizing instructional videos and PowerPoints that focus on specific topics, that can be accessed by students (employees and managers) just in time, should be used rather than long drawn out formal training methodsThe benefit of keeping training content short and sweet is that learners can access content while on the job quickly, learn what they need and move on…...this is powerfulAlso, trainees are much more engaged and much more likely to use (and re-use) training content that is short compared to hour long or even 30 minute courses.

Compartmentalize Topics

Rather than tackle a topic in one large course, compartmentalizing topics into short libraries of subtopics allows learners to access the exact knowledge they need to perform in the moments of needFor example, rather than having an hour long Work Place Safety Course, it would be better to have a learner open up a short course on Fire Extinguisher Safety or Ladder SafetyWith proper compartmentalization trainees can quickly find and access training content in the context of what they are trying to learn and achieve on the job or when they may need a quick refresher.


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