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Benefits of using a Learning Management System 

Online Training provided by a Learning Management System (LMS) is a valuable and cost effective way for managers and employees to obtain new and continuing education. Let’s look at a few substantial benefits of a LMS:
Cost savings:  Online training saves companies’ money in numerous ways. There is no need to pay for expensive travel and venue costs. You no longer have any reason to pay a manager for training or pull employees out of their daily activities.   Online training is significantly quicker and more effective than the face to face or classroom alternative and employee induction times are lowered to a minimum, saving both time and money. Since online content and courses can be updated immediately and remain online you can also save on material printing costs
Productivity and Flexibility:  Learn from your desk, during a lunch hour or an evening at home at your own pace.  Training content and courses are always available on a computer, phone or tablet so if you need a refresher or review it’s always available online to continually reinforce any wanted knowledge.  Hungry learners have training content available 24/7 and don’t have to wait for training opportunities.
Consistency: When using face to face or instructor led training consistency is always a challenge.  With online training consistency is ensured. For multi-unit business’s a Learning Management System (LMS) will provide the same level of training and the same consistent message to all branches, locations and outlets.
Compliance and Reporting:  A LMS will record and report on how well the student (or group of students) performed and it will also record performance by a location or job role.
Training reminders: For re-occurring training the system will remind employees of any upcoming training courses.

The benefits and advantages that a Learning Management System (LMS) brings to the training and performance of any Company, Association or Organization are substantial but the bottom line is it provides an overall increase in employee performance and personal satisfaction.

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