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Evaluating Your Online Courses –
LearningZen’s View Portal Course Tool

Wouldn’t it be cool if you knew exactly what a student was struggling with in a course?  Or how about your whole training community?  How can you fix those deficiencies if you can’t find them?
The simple answer is you can’t so let’s go find them.
Administrators and Managers have a great tool called View Portal Courses. What’s this?  Am I speaking some foreign language?  No, but I’m about to blow your mind if you’re a training geek like me 😊
Let’s play in the land of Zen shall we?
Start by either clicking on your Portal or Manager tab depending on your role in the portal:

Now click on the Student’s tab and view the list of students and their course status or score:
Now click on that score and view their chosen answers:
*Note you can print this or even send the student a message about it directly from this view
Well that was cool! 
Now what about the whole team?  I want to know what the most common issues for the whole group are, so let’s do that next:
From still inside that course click the Statistics tab instead of the student tab:
Well look at that!  It’s all there and now I can take a look at the questions most often missed and make some adjustments.  For example, maybe I need a video for that concept or maybe my exam question is misleading?

Alright Zenigans that’s the hint of the day – Now go check it out and let me know what you want to see next!

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