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Well Trained Employees are Satisfied Employees

Well trained employees are satisfied employees and tend to work harder, are more productive at doing their jobs, and can help combat high turnover rates.  Ongoing training has proven to be a factor which contributes greatly to levels of employee satisfaction and productivity. Employees with easy access to regular training and development opportunities tend to feel that they are working toward something as well as opportunities to further their skills, knowledge and even their career.
Satisfied and happy employees stay at companies much longer combating turnover. The cost of replacing staff is expensive. Research shows that it can cost 30 percent to over 200 percent of the individuals annual compensation to replace that staff member.  Research also shows that well trained satisfied employee are much less likely to leave their company then employees with very little or no training opportunities.
There may be some staff resistance to training when it is presented a mandatory, un-engaging or boring.  However, when training is linked to employee’s professional and personal objectives, engaging and relevant to the organization and their job role it can be seen as empowering and satisfying rather than a waste of time and energy. Training results in a more satisfied and productive workforce.
Workplace training and development may seem like an unnecessary extra cost, however when examining the possible and clear benefits, it clearly is an investment you can’t afford not to make.

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