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Presenting Content Infographic

Presenting Content Infographic I recently created a free account with Prezi to see if I can incorporate content created with Prezi into my eLearning courses. While searching their blog I came across this infographic that talks about presenting to different types of...

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Exploring Corporate Learning Infographic

I recently read the infographic Exploring Corporate Learning Today by PageUp and I am so glad I did.  Besides talking about barriers in demonstrating learning ROI it also covers some ways to engage employees to deliver business results. If you are a L&D professional...

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LMS- What is it & Why should I care?

LMS- What is it & Why should I care?A learning management system or (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs.Purpose- An LMS helps to deliver and manage...

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Know & Learn From Our Enemy!

Know & Learn From Our Enemy!That's a mouth full of a title today, isn't it?  Well, let's just get it out there and start with a scary four letter word. You all know what I mean YELP.  Yes, today's blog post is all about reviews.  Let's face it we all, and I mean all...

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LearningZen in 60 Seconds

Why LearningZen?

(a bit about our culture and mission…)

Meet a few of our clients.

“At FastKart training is very important to our business due to our responsibility to provide a safe environment both to our customers and our employees which means training can be very costly. LearningZen provided a way to cut down this cost. We are able to create online courses for all employees, including videos, that they can watch on safety and job requirements throughout the business.” FASTKART

“Switching to LearningZen was the best decision I ever made. The ability to build the courses online was exactly what I was looking for. Content uploads, user management, and numerous reports makes it easy to educate mass audiences. My courses are no longer glorified PowerPoint presentations, and Authoring Software is a distant memory!” Hungry Howie's

“LearningZen has radically improved our entire training department. Our franchisees are more informed, engaged, and better trained to be successful. Our new stores are now more successful and there’s no question that LearningZen helped make that possible!” Christian Brothers Automotive

“LearningZen are the consummate professionals and every time we have the opportunity to work with them, they exceed our expectations in every way. It is a sincere pleasure. We definitely made the right choice!” complete nutrition